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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program fit into the college process?
Exploring Educational Excellence is geared toward students who will be applying to college in the next year or two who would like an overview of the college search and application processes, while exploring five similar, yet different universities. The evening is designed to provide information on each of the five universities present, and give you tips on applying from experienced admission professionals.

Who comes to this program and why?
This program offers an alternate venue and time for students and families to become familiar with the five universities of Exploring Educational Excellence. Given that time constraints often make it difficult for students to have contact with every school in which they have an interest, or to visit our individual campuses, this partnership allows for a five-in-one visit in your local area. Note that this program’s intended audience is first-year applicants; this program is not intended for transfer students.

What are student events?
Student events are held in the afternoon or evening and provide an overview of our individual institutions, as well as the opportunity to interact with representatives during a short college fair.

What is the format of the program?
Each event aims to last no longer than two hours from the start time. We ask that you stay for the duration of the program.

What are counselor events?
Counselor events are for high school guidance counselors and community based organization representatives only. Students and their guests are not permitted to attend these programs.

When will you be hosting a program near me?
Exploring Educational Excellence travels together in the spring and fall of every year with changing event locations. Please check our website to see what upcoming events we have, if none are listed you may check back at a later date. You may also view the map on our main page to see when and where we have conducted past events.

How do I register?
Please visit the Exploring Education Excellence main page and click on the appropriate state on the map or date on the calendar. By clicking on events you will see a link to the registration page.
**Do not forget to print and bring your confirmation with you to the event. Bring your printed confirmation and there will be no need to fill out an inquiry card at the time of the event. If the information you registered with changes between registration and the event, you may update it at the event on an inquiry card.

Registration is required and entry preference will be given to those who register online. All students should fill out an event-specific form and only non-high school students (parents, guardians, siblings not in high school) should be counted as guests. Registering allows us not only to stay in touch with students who are interested in our five schools, but to plan for the best event in each location. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What happens if my plans change?
If you can no longer attend the event for which you registered, please use the cancelation link provided to you in the registration confirmation email. Thank you.

The event I want to attend is full. What should I do?
This event has limited capacity and is currently full, and you will not be able to register on-line. If you wish, you may sign up for the event waiting list and you will be notified before the event if your registration is confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation before the event, the event has remained at capacity. We typically can accept walk-ins at the event, and you can register when you arrive.

I am on the waiting list for an event. What does that mean?
This event is at full capacity and your registration has been placed on a waiting list. You will be notified before the event if your registration is confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation before the event the event has remained at capacity. We typically can accept walk-ins at the event, and you can register when you arrive.

Can I attend without registering in advance?
We typically are able to accept walk-ins at events and in the past have not turned away any one who has attended. In the event that registration is full and you decide to attend as a walk-in, please be aware we allow entry first to those who registered in advance on-line. In addition, please visit each university's own website to learn of other presentations that may be taking place in your area.

Can my family attend with me?
Yes, this program is intended for students and family members who are involved with the college search process. Please be sure to register the appropriate number of guests you will bring along with you. Families that are planning to attend should complete one registration form; you and your guests should not register separately.

What do I wear?
Please feel free to dress comfortably for this program. You do not need to wear business professional attire.

Do you provide English translation services?
Unfortunately, we can only accommodate for ASL interpreters on a case-by-case basis. Please email us with your request. Note that we cannot provide English translators for other languages like Spanish, French, etc.

Is there a cost associated with this program?
No, this program is free of charge. A minimal fee for parking may be required, depending on the specific venue in which a program is held.